Warehouse 13 airs new episodes of what may be its final season Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.

Now is the time to make sure it comes back for more.
News articles, history, and comments from the cast and crew imply that Syfy's hit show, Warehouse 13, may be in danger of receiving the axe. If you enjoy watching Myka, Pete, Claudia, Steve, and Artie snag, bag, and tag every summer, now is the time to act.

What evidence exists to support the incongruent scenario in which a hit show would be cancelled? What can you do to help? Read on, and find out.


WE HAVE A PINGHow is Warehouse 13 in danger of cancellation?

Why are we campaigning for a 5th season of Warehouse 13? After all, the second half of the fourth season hasn’t even aired yet, isn’t this a little excessive?


Let us explain. Basically it boils down to one thing: Nielsen Ratings. Advertisers care about quantifiable ratings, and at the end of the day it is advertising that pays the bills for our beloved shows. For better or worse, shows on American network television live or die by the Nielsen system. The Nielsen company makes available a lot of different scores to the networks about their programming, but the one that matters most in program decisions is the one we as viewers never see: the calculation of commercial views.


But what does this mean for Warehouse 13?

Stars Eddie McClintock and Aaron Ashmore have both tweeted about the need to watch Warehouse 13 live when it airs. Saul Rubinek has spoken in several interviews about wishing for some kind of “Artifact” that could show network execs the true strength of the Warehouse 13 fanbase. And showrunner Jack Kenny tweeted an article in Wired Magazine that showed Warehouse 13’s viewership numbers were 127% higher when the DVR + 7 calculation was included. Obviously we can only speculate, but cast and crew don’t usually beg the audience to watch live; those pleas tell us there is something spooking the actors and crew into thinking their ratings need help.


Also, despite the fact that Warehouse 13 has been one of, if not the, top scripted drama on the Syfy channel, Eureka - one of the most popular shows in Syfy’s history - was cancelled in 2012 not because it wasn’t making a profit, but because the profit margin wasn’t large enough.

As ludicrous as it seems, Warehouse 13 may well be facing the same fate. Besides hints at low numbers and Syfy’s history, fans and critics have raised legitimate concerns about the ability of Warehouse 13 to fare well in a direct ratings battle against “Big 3” network shows like Castle and Revolution. As the show begins to complete its fourth season, these concerns seem to be legitimate: The premiere on April 29th posted the third lowest live rating in the show's history, and the follow-up episode on May 6th produced the lowest.

There is a chance that all this evidence has led to an incorrect conclusion. Syfy may simply be delaying the announcement of a season 5 for a more strategic moment. That said, there's no sense in taking chances. Regardless of the network's intent, the time to make the case for a fifth season is now, before execs at Syfy (or more likely, their parent company, NBCUniversal) have made a final decision. (Because we would be perfectly happy to look like over-excited fans who go worked up for nothing!)


GET ORGANIZEDThe Plan To Help Warehouse 13.

Tweets by @RenewWarehouse

The most important part of this effort is showing the network that Warehouse 13’s viewership is much larger than is reflected in the Nielsen Ratings. As mentioned above, it all comes down to numbers. That is why, instead of writing the network, or conducting a more “traditional” fan campaign, we are going to give the network what it needs (hopefully) to sell the show to advertisers: numbers.


There are several parts to this plan. The first (very important) thing you can do is take five minutes of your time and add your voice to the (completely anonymous) Viewership Survey. Additionally, you can subscribe to a reminder calendar that will alert you when there is a way for you to make an impact on the ratings. Since Nielsen is currently testing a new twitter tool as another way to measure viewership, we have developed a tool that will write a unique tweet directed at Warehouse 13 and one of its many advertisers, which will be live on this site during the U.S. broadcasts of new episodes. With the simple press of a button you'll be able to make a meaningful contribution to Warehouse 13's bottom line. The goal is to influence Warehouse 13’s “standing” in the social media sphere. Regardless of whether or not you have cable (or live in the U.S.) you can tweet, post, reblog and share Warehouse 13-related information across social networks. All of these things help accomplish perhaps the most important part of this whole campaign.

In order for any of this to make a difference, we need to spread the word. People from all across the globe, from superfans to that one guy in your office that has only watched Warehouse 13 once, need to take the survey to make it worth anything to the network. Use Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Google+, face to face conversation and everything in between to draw people back and tell them about this survey and this campaign. Share this page on your social networks, and POLITELY ask your followers to spread the word (also, please be judicious and courteous if you tweet cast and crew members. Don't spam them.)  For more on HOW to go about this, please click here.

It may be an uphill battle, but if there is one thing Warehouse 13 has taught us, it is that a small group of motivated people can do great things. 

Thank you fellow Warehouse fans!


SNAG, BAG, AND TAGWhat can I do to help?

In short? Give the network what it wants.

That's easier than you think.

If advertising is the bottom line, then there's a lot we can do to help. DVRs/PVRs track your views, and Nielsen is launching a new mechanism this fall that tracks twitter activity (and is testing it now). That means there are a lot of things you can easily do to give Warehouse 13 a fighting chance at renewal, and it all boils down to one thing: commercials.


watch the show live

Live viewing means you can't skip the ads, which is what the advertisers care about.

See The Schedule

don't skip the ads

Your DVR/PVR tracks whether or not you watch commercials! Get up and take a break, but don't fast-forward through them.

Service in your area

watch defiance

SyFy put all their eggs into the Defiance basket. Watch it, then watch Warehouse 13.

Need a reminder?


Live tweet

Nielsen ratings will soon measure twitter conversations and rate the influence of television shows. Tweet during the broadcast.

nielsen tweeting 101

Tweet about the ads

Nielsen's new system also cares about commercials. Tweet about the ads, or join us here during broadcasts and we'll help you out.

twitter strategy

Download & Stream

Buy a season pass

Download all 3 complete seasons of Warehouse 13 at Amazon or iTunes, and own new episodes the day after air.

download now

Download SyFy Sync

Interact with the SyFy community during the broadcast, and get behind-the-scenes content! We hope.

Info at Syfy.com


INVITATIONS TO ENDLESS WONDERRecruit more people to the cause.

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